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Architecture is the designing of structures within cultural, historic and social restrictions common at the time of construction. American architecture experienced an impact of various styles …

Architecture is the developing of structures within cultural, historical and social constraints prevalent at the time of construction. American architecture experienced an influence of various designs and as a result today is a complex summation of several traditions and methods.

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The museum was motivated by the outside museum of Skansen, which is a display of Stockholm’s vernacular architecture. This is the type of architecture that the common individuals use to construct their functional buildings, utilizing regional resources and modern structure design, makings these designs reflective of their instant historical, ecological and cultural contexts.

Vernacular Architecture Conundrum

When the first European immigrants got in the new continent, the Native Americans already had their architectural customs throughs tipi, pueblos and longhouses. The immigrants followed with their own building requirements of the nations they had originated from but by the 18th century the rule of reason and practical preparation took control of. The mid-19th century saw stylistic Romantic period revivals of Grecian and Gothic forms. This was likewise the period for rapid urbanization and construction of row houses, multifamily tenements, lodgings, and the architectural innovation of the period: the high-rise buildings. The first high-rise building was built in Chicago in 1884 and the first contemporary designer and designer of these early towers was Louis Sullivan. His most talented student was Frank Lloyd Wright, generating a generation of followers.

Practical experience coupled with architecture courses offered by schools and colleges is assisting to open avenues for the interesting profession of architecture.

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