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Winter Decor

Decorate our house in keeping with the winter we will be more warm and inviting. Appropriate use of color can improve our mood in the dark days or the winter blues away. Decorate the house with the seasons is also a way to avoid the appearance date. Here are some ideas to change a few things in our room during the winter and transform, so the appearance of our house.

Colors of winter: Probably not practical to paint the room each season. But we can use accessories such as cushions, candles, plants etc.. to highlight the room with bright colors such as aubergine, chocolate brown or burgundy. Changing accessories allows us to transform our home for different seasons easily and without spending much money. For a modern design, choose the colors of the snow and ice – white, silver and turquoise design result in a stylish winter. Highlight the room with mirrors, branches of trees and crystals to give an air of enchanted forest.

Winter fabrics: Fabrics make a room seem warm and sumptuous. Hang thick curtains of purple or other colors and put a blanket on the sofa faux leather or patchwork. Resorting to velvet to create a luxurious winter or Scottish prints to give warmth to the room. Buy the tissues of winter in spring, when they are on sale to save money.

Art Winter: Change the artwork according to the seasons. The bright floral paintings and engravings can make the room feel more light in winter. Use black and white photographs of natural landscapes to the room.

Decorations and ornaments: Christmas decorations used to highlight the room in winter. You can remove the item you are too Christmas like ribbons and bright decorations or lights, and keep other neutral elements such as silver candlesticks, pineapple or a crown of berries. Fill glasses of sparkling bulbs. Use glitter garlands to decorate the mantel. Buy glasses with glitter and twigs to make fake Christmas flower arrangements.

Winter Furniture: Solid wood furniture will make the room look like a mountain hut and give some heat. Leather upholstered furniture can add a touch of luxury to the room in winter. The large rugs can serve as covers for furniture and give it a more welcoming to the room. Putting many patchwork fabric cushions. Rearrange the furniture, possibly centering around a fireplace or other source of heat for the winter.