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Bedroom Design Tips for the Perfect Bedroom

Bedroom Design Tips for the Perfect Bedroom

If you’re tired of your bedroom looking the same every single day, then it’s time that you took upon yourself to do a bit of remodeling and create a bedroom design that you will appreciate.


There are a number of bedroom design variations that you can choose from many different sources such magazines, over the internet, or the bedroom design featured in a furniture store. From these you can find the ones that you really like and try to get as close as you can to the actual bedroom design. You can also be creative by mixing and matching the designs that caught your attention, but you have to balance everything as well since you don’t want your bedroom to look worse than what it looks now.


Browse through swatches to come up with complimentary colors that you can use to paint your bedroom with. You might also want to think about adding a bit of a contrasting color to accentuate one part of your bedroom wall for a dramatic effect.


If you have a small-sized bedroom, you might want to stop using heavy drapes for your windows; try to use curtains made with light materials. This will help open up the space and allow natural light to come in as well, making your bedroom instantly brighter and more cheery.


A bedroom design that includes minimal furniture is the one you should go for if you have a little space left after you’ve put in the bed. A nightstand, a couple of drawers or a chest, and you’re already set. Make sure that these match the theme you want to create for your bedroom though.

How to Design Cool Garden Lighting

This is how to start, sit down in your garden at night and imagine how the lighting will bring out its beauty. Your initiative as well as the tips provided for you in this post will help you get things right.

Assuming there is a waterfall in your garden, you can allow lighting from two angles of the fall giving it depth. Lighting from the back will reveal a beautiful reflection on the surface of the water. Meanwhile, the underwater lighting will show the fishes in the water. How beautiful it’ll be at nights.

The type of lighting used, is LED bulbs that are completely sealed, they also do not require any for maintenance when in use. Another good thing about this lighting technology is that it does not produce heat and so will not interfere with the activities of the micro-organism the fishes feed on.


Sometimes, you may need metals for keeping the lighting fixtures around your pool, be sure to make use of stainless steel, copper or brass. Be careful with aluminum as they could leak water.

Generally, having either a waterfall or pond in your garden greatly increases its beauty when lighting is added. The lighting adds serenity to the atmosphere around the fishes or even decorated stones.

Also, ensure you don’t place too much lights, the amount of lighting in the garden should just be enough to reveal the patterns and shadows in the garden; while also showing off the fishes as they swim in the pool. It’s obvious that any water you use will have to be crystal clear.

Tips to Designing a Stunning Landscape

So you’ve got a new home, or you want to transform the environment around your old house to something fresher in appearance. That’s great. With the right information, our homes can really be very beautiful without much stress.


In designing the landscape around our homes, we can decide to employ the services of a landscape company, or we can decide to make out time to do it ourselves. Let’s brainstorm some ideas to help.

  • One mistake you must never make is to plan for the removal of any tree. This is very important to take note of. Rather, you can plan to trim any tree you feel you don’t like its position.
  • Since there are going to be trees and grasses, plan also for an irrigation system, especially a natural one.
  • In creating the perfect landscape design, include a fire pit especially in the backyard of the house.
  • The presence of a wooden deck can bring out the beauty in the design. If you don’t have a strict budget, a brick deck, though more expensive, can be really cute.
  • In perfecting the beauty of the backyard, you can have the deck surround your swimming pool.
  • To finish off the design, ensure you have a garden, so you do not just have a perfect spot for relaxation, you also have a source of natural fruits and vegetables for the family.
  • Well, it won’t hurt to add a hammock. If you are a geek at something, you have cool place to do your thing.

Those where just ideas to get you started in designing a perfect landscape for your home, can you add anything else to make it better?

How to Make the Right Fencing Choice for Your Home


The choice of fencing always boils down to personal preferences. But we need to give our homes the right fencing especially when security, increase in value of the home and even the presence of a swimming pool is important to us.

Usually, you first have to find out if your property has differing elevations. You also have to check for erosion in the landscaping in order to make the appropriate choice of fence. Also, special considerations have to be made for homes with rivers, lakes or creeks.

However, you definitely have to include your budget as well as your peculiar lifestyle to determine the future costs in maintenance, or change in the landscaping of your home.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is like, using vinyl and aluminum fencing provides the right materials and also save money on maintenance.

Unlike the wooden fencing where you begin to bother about pests, aluminum fencing usually needs no maintenance costs whatsoever, while also being easy to install.

This method of fencing is also easily customizable, and you can decide to choose the fencing that shows off your tastes and complements your property at the same time.

There are also other fencing alternatives, it all depends on what you intend to achieve while fencing your home. But ensure you get a fencing material that does not allow for rusts, fading or rot from insects and rodents.

You have to make decisions that upgrade the value of your home.

House Tour in Amsterdam: Simply Beautiful


A clear proof that less is more: This Amsterdam apartment is just over 70m², but it looks much bigger. The architect, Laura Alvarez, has taken on a lot of transparency in the design and bright colors.

Very chic, there is a white steel staircase that connects the kitchen area with open living room. The kitchen is spacious and inviting with a dining area for sociable cooking.

One of the best ideas of the flat is the coffee table, which consists of many different, stacked wood. The upper floor is still the bedroom along with guest rooms and the bathroom of the apartment. There is also an additional guest bathroom located on the ground floor.

An apartment full of color by Anna Marinenko

The designer and artist, Anna Marinenko, designed this small apartment with the intention of creating a welcoming space, but to live for short periods.

What is most striking, as well as the style is contemporary, is the use of color: the designers did not simply want something neutral to light at times with strong colors, but wanted to use color as the primary means of decoration, daring and abounding.

The result is a lively space and somewhat warm, which projects directly in an almost surreal and hushed, like a painting pop art.

The theme of Marinenko’s for this apartment is a combination of the not so unusual and downright fun: one constituted by the encounter between yellow and red, in contrast to an inevitable white very significant. In the apartment of course make their appearance just signed some pieces from Marinenko.