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Venezuela: A Giant Mausoleum in Honor of the Liberator, Simon Bolivar


The remains of Simon Bolivar, the hero of the independence of Latin America in the nineteenth century, will soon rest in a giant mausoleum, which will take the form of a giant wave of concrete 50 feet high adjoining the national pantheon in Venezuela Caracas.

Located in the colonial neighborhood of the Venezuelan capital, this new tribute of President Hugo Chavez, avowed admirer of General Bolivar (1783-1830), house in his basement in his grave mahogany decorated with precious stones, set on a granite base .

The mausoleum will be accessible through a vestibule contacting the national pantheon, set in a neo-Gothic church of the nineteenth century.

Even before it opened, this building huge wave-shaped hollow ceramics decorated with bright colors is already debate because its modernism and its size are disturbing the harmony of the colonial district of Alta Gracia.

For the architect Oscar Tenreiro, this mausoleum has the defect of “minimizing the pantheon without thinking. It reflects an ego disproportionate distortion of the proportion of things.”

Professor Juan de Dios, President of the Bolivarian Society of Venezuela, which promotes the work and life of Simon Bolivar, the judge also project somewhat disproportionate.

“It was not necessary to build a work Pharaonic or Napoleonic. Bolivar was neither the one nor the other,” he pleads, regretting that the project has not been the subject of consultations moment of conception.

For its part, the government prefers to highlight the fact that Bolivar will finally a tomb worthy of his decisive participation in the anti-colonial uprising that led to the birth of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in the early nineteenth century.

The worship by Chavez in Bolivar

“There has always been a feeling here that Bolivar had to have a mausoleum. Many criticisms have been raised against (the fact that his remains) were not retained his rank as” the National Pantheon, told AFP the Minister Revolutionary Transformation of Greater Caracas, Francisco Sesto.

“Bolivar said + I die as I was born naked +. Everything is there, it’s a very austere building, a bet for the essential values ​​of architecture,” said the minister, who participated in the development of this project cost of approximately $140 million.

Bolivar has already given its name to Bolivia, the Venezuelan currency and many places of the country.

But since coming to power of the leader of the radical left in Latin America in 1998, Bolivar is the subject of a cult in Venezuela.

Chavez called his name and his Socialist Revolution Venezuela has become a “Bolivarian Republic” with the passage of the 1999 constitution. The Venezuelan president has consistently demanded of its heritage and frequently appears before the portraits of the “Liberator”, which also adorn many walls of Caracas.

In 2010, Hugo Chavez ordered the exhumation of the remains of the national hero, to try to determine the causes of his death and the doubts when he claimed to have had, a cadet, he stood guard beside the coffin of the famous general.

A year later, the remains were authenticated by scientific expertise, which had however been able to make any definitive conclusion about the causes of death. According to historians, Bolivar died of tuberculosis.

This is the Venezuelan president who must determine a date for the inauguration of the last remains of Bolivar. A ceremony could be held in July.