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Penthouse Set: Candy Factory Loft in Toronto


This penthouse is owned by someone of an urban character that has a desire for clear lines design.

Interior designer, Johnson Chou, is happy to accept the request. The total area of 250 square meters were available for this purpose.

The color in the penthouse kitchens and stair area was kept dark, and shiny materials emphasize the urban character of mood. The living area is rather bright, despite the dark furniture. The highlight is the unusual staircase design.

Mirror on the Wall: Penthouse in Berlin


Entirely on the effect of mirrors in light reflexes and spatial effects, the architects of Oskar Fabian Studio designs this penthouse in  Berlin. Even with the furniture, the architects have concentrated on their own creations, which can be purchased at Rakso Naibaf. Very chic, classy and trendy.

Living Less Ordinary: Apartment in the Belfry


Although expensive and unaffordable the fantastically beautiful and spacious penthouse in a bell tower with views all around in Brooklyn, is one of the houses we can ever dream of. With a place like this, who would not want to wake up every morning and enjoy a panoramic scenery?

The 300-square metered area was sold a few years ago for around 25 million U.S. dollars. Check out the images below and see why this is worth every penny to some people.