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Romantic bedroom decor for newly weds



out of every room in your house, one room that requires your most of the attention is of course your bedroom. As for the new weds, its one room where you both are going to spend most of your time, so everything about your bedroom decor should be selected with mutual interest.

Make sure that both of you partners are taking equal interest and both are equally enthusiastic about it. First of all the room should not look boring at all, as you got memories to make there! Paint the room in rich dark colors, this will make you feel kind of isolated with your partner at night. As for the curtains, go for long drape ceiling to floor ones that will make your walls look even taller. Mattress should be soft and comforting and the bed sheets that you choose should be light colored, so that it will go perfect with you wall paint. Cover the bed with a fluffy down duvet, a heavy wool blanket, or a soft cotton quilt.

If you can afford a dimmer then it will the charm of your room. It will make the atmosphere more calm and peaceful for you both. Most couples wish for their bedroom to give that presidential suite kind of look, so you can get it by simply attaching the headboard or placing a armchair in a corner to make you room look more spacious.

And oh yes! No bedroom decor will ever get complete without your picture together hanging on the wall right in front of your bed, so that when you wake up, the first thing you look into is your lovely spouse and then that picture that will add a glimmer in your life every morning!

Give your bedroom an exotic look



Same old wall paint, bed covers and side lamp; you get tired by looking at them sometimes. if you fells like giving your room a new look then you better give it a ravishing exotic touch. Renovating your bedroom in an exotic way is easy and quite affordable. and you need is to pick up one bright and attractive color, that can easily catch every eye. Mostly people go with a variety of rusty colors, ranging from golden to copper or bronze.

the reason for an exotic choice is to come up with a design and reshaping your room in such a way that everything looks different, and that too, in a blink of an eye! buy some antique ornament for the side tables. A giant bronze vase placed in a corner will bring out the actual beauty of this theme. To make it more sensational use some exotic wallpapers, all different on two sides.

you can even design your lamp cover on your own. All you need is a little concept about this theme and you are all ready to get creative. take an old curtain and sew it in such a pattern that it gives it an outstanding look and you use it as your new lamp cover.

To make your bed setting catchy, put up some extra pillows and cushions. They will make your bed look more attractive and yes romantic too! Being exotic means exploring new themes when you get tired of coming back to the same old bedroom every night. so you need to think of certain themes, blend them up and you’ll be sure to the theme of your desires!