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The Charm of Marble



The architects, Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen has been fascinated by the street lamps of any European capital to create this lamp that combines the monumentality of marble and the lightness of glass.

Natural stone has been chosen as the protagonist for its warm tones and its unique stripes. The unusual use of a solid piece of marble for a lamp provides a unique sense of quality and durability. The light form of Mass is bold, strong and masculine in the use of natural material, while flanked by soft feminine curves, which finds expression in the glass.

The form in its extreme simplicity lets you focus on the beauty of marble and its nuances. This lamp creates light with a great personality and allure.



Lamps of Coffee Grounds


The creative designers of this piece can surely make lampshades shells out of coffee grounds. How this works exactly, of course, is a trade secret of the designer.

The lamps creates a very warm feeling, and the solid materials used generates a comfortable feel. What’s great about this is that, even the finished product still smells like fresh coffee. If not it will be a big seller, then I do not know. With this idea of the ​​young designer, it could surely snatch the first prize.


Crealev: Proving Creative


Dutch designers, Angela Jansen and Ger Jansen, with their technological expertise and originality, have created objects in our daily lives that are transformed into real works of art. This is called the Crealev. The device is able to create this kind of magic acts, thanks to the magnetic levitation that makes sure to maintain suspension of any object between 0 and 10 kg in weight.

With this unique system, levitating lamps, displays for jewelry, watches and staging of trade fairs and shops were created. Some artists have used this device to inflate their works and art installations to create a big impact. Maybe in the near future, we see tables, sofas, beds and chairs floating in our homes.


Yumelight: An Eco-Friendly Lighting

Beyond their elegance and their ability to blend into a wide variety of decorative world, suspensions or table lamps called Yumelight, prove to be particularly environmentally accomplished in their design.

The Yumelight, making a material respecting the environment and 100% recyclable, releases no hazardous substances on combustion; no water used in its manufacturing process which prevents any risk of ground pollution.


Valuable light sculptures in Ango

The Thailand-based British designer, Angus Hutcheson,  founded Ango. Ango is a design studio that is ecologically and ethically involved with the use of renewable materials and and development of artisans in the country.

Witness this very poetic collection of lamps, made from natural silk cocoons, which are arranged one by one on a steel wire frame.

The colored versions, available in red or black, are made using natural pigments. It takes nearly two weeks to achieve these remarkable pieces.

Light and warm, atypical and aesthetic, the light sculptures of Angus Hutcheson reduces a little more boundary between art and decoration.

Joseph Beuys Lighting Collection

Discreet homage to the controversial German artist Joseph Beuys, Ludovic Roth signed for the French publisher for Dix Heures Dix. Joseph presents his new series of lighting collection

Made of felt from the same format of punch, the collection plays on the multiplication of elements that allows a change in the shape of the lampshade, and six small pieces of the.

The lamps are offered in three colors: charcoal gray, cold gray and white.

The year 2012 started hard for Ludovic Roth who co-founded a design studio in Arro with Erik Arlen. Their agency has the desire to integrate innovation and function, correlated with a strong aesthetic.