Keep Your Kids Active With Outdoor Games And Activities

Obesity is definitely on the rise among children, especially in the urban areas because they prefer computer games and TV in place of outdoor activities. There are many children wasting much of their time playing computer games and video games. They do not help children to become intellectual. Obesity whether in childhood or while aged is not desirable. Nowadays we do not see children playing outside with friends or outdoor games. Take care to offer your child a healthy diet. If you want you can ask a doctor or a dietitian to teach you about the right kind of food for your child.

Luckily, there are a ton of options and resources to get your kids playing outside with friends inside of indoors on the laptop or tablet. There is a amazing themed playground at Hadley’s Park, Potomac – This fully-accessible playground became a model for many others like it. The ground material is rubbery, so fewer knee scrapes. Also great for kids learning to ride bikes and trikes.

I also wish they had some of these crazy trampolines available when I was a kid. You know the ones I’m talking about;they are huge and built into the ground. I must admit, I’ve even gotten onto my nephew’s a couple times when I was feeling antsy. Choosing a trampoline for your kids is a very important decision. A decision that both fun and safety have to be considered. If you’re don’t want the danger of watching your kid on a trampoline, consider building a playground in your backyard. A good playground equipment manufacturer will know how to make it all safe. Safety must be a primary consideration in any play area. That is why many play structures are plastic now. It is softer and usually safer than metal or wood. Any platforms should be enclosed to keep kids from falling. Bolts and screws should be recessed or capped. The surface underneath should be soft and springy to avoid injuries. There should be enough clearance around the structure for kids to run around without running into things. If you need help, check out build a wood playground –

If you can’t afford a playground or just feel like installing one in your backyard, Child’s Play in Temecula is one of the latest indoor gyms for toddlers and young children to open in Temecula. Not only can children play on the indoor playground, they can play dress up, do arts and crafts, dance along to children’s music videos or hunt for hidden tokens which they can redeem for prizes.

You can also keep your kids away from a computer by a good old fashion game. An old party game that everyone is probably familiar with is ‘Musical Chairs,’ and toddlers can enjoy it as well. You can use child size chairs of course, but most families do not have enough of these size chairs in their home to accommodate a party, so why not use pillows instead? The concept is exactly the same, but without the chairs. Play music while the toddlers walk around the pillows, have one fewer than the number of children playing, and when the music stops the kids have to sit on a pillow. The child without a pillow to sit on is out and then one pillow is removed. Play this until only one child and pillow are left.

Another thing that can be fun is to make a “play date” the way children do. Go to a park and play on in the field or baseball if they have one. Encourage yourself and your partner to let your childlike side come out to play. This can be a very sweet kind of date that inspires lot of laughter and stress relief. If you have a dog, be sure to take him with you and bring a Frisbee.

And just remember, when having fun in the sun, always remember to use plenty of sunscreen on your kids and re-apply often throughout their water fun-filled days!

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