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Staying Sharp During Old Age

Ipainting have been doing research lately on the effectiveness of staying alert and how this leads to improvement in aging related issues and have found that the following are the main problems for older aged people. Firstly, don’t retire too early. When you retire your brain gets bored with things and no longer feels the need to be challenged, as a result it will not grow adequately. There’s a theory in modern cognitive neuroscience that brains adapt to the stresses that are applied to them. The brain in itself is a muscle, it’s a functional thing that grows changes and shifts based around the environmental stress that are thrown at it, these can lead to a needs for home care for a senior. By not exercising this muscle you loose the ability to remain strong. So when people retire too early and don’t move on to pursue other challenging endeavors it becomes clear that their brain muscles are no longer active and so begin to attrition. This happens and we see that with decreases in mental activities people tend to live shorter lives, experience less happy feelings and higher rates of depression, as well as experience other onset’s of aging related problems.
Some of the worlds top doctors have suggested trying to following procedures for maintaining mental strength during this time and these are some examples of how to keep your mind active and sharp.

  1. Joining a painting group keeps the mind, the body, and the minds need to actively engage in social groups all active. By engaging with a group of like minded people all sharing an activity and environment together, older people tend to stay happier for longer, that way you can avoid those agencies that provide home care.
  2. Walking groups, bird watching, and many other activities are all a great way to engage and keep fit.
  3. Film or Book Discussion groups. Going out to see a film and then sitting back with coffee and tea afterwards to discuss it.
  4. Visiting with animals. Bringing dogs and cats into an older person’s life can foster a sense of connection that allows us to be comfortable and relaxed even when we aren’t as active or happy as we once were.

Overall, these have been many different interesting things that one can do to keep yourself active and fit through out all of your life. Don’t let retirement be the end- you can still have fun.