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7 tips on buying the right pool table

Owning a pool table can be great fun indeed and while it might seem like the process of buying one and setting it up is a bit taxing and cumbersome, the end result is something that you will be very proud off and spend countless hours enjoying. But by following a few simple pointers and taking care of the little things, you can save time, cash and effort.

Here are 7 simple pointers that will help you with your pool table purchase —

  • The first and simplest marker that will narrow down the wide array of choice for you to something more manageable to go through is the amount of cash you are willing to spend on the pool table. Remember that tables can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks depending on exactly what quality you are looking for and the maker of the table. So, start by marking out how much you are willing to spend.
  • Then think about the players that will be using the table. If your pool table is for adults and serious players, then you should be opting for one on the higher end of the spectrum. But if it is just for kids or will only be used ever so occasionally, then you may not want to spend too much on it.
  • Consider the size of room that you will be using for the pool table and also take into account the fact that there must be enough room around to use your cue without it getting jammed or making marks on the wall
  • Make sure you check for the quality of the wood and the quality of the pool table cloth. Ask the retailer about the playing surface underneath the cloth and if it is really a quality piece then it will have a slate surface.
  • Before making the final decision see if the pool table fits not just in your room, but through the narrow passages of the hallway and the entrances that you have at your place. If it can be disassemble and then reassembled at the delivery point, then you have nothing to fret about
  • Also see if the design of the table, its wood color and the entire feel that it exudes matches with the setting you are placing it in and other wooden furniture around it. If it does or if you are planning to buy other décor for the room around it, then the decision becomes a lot easier.

If your table needs to be re-assembled, then get professional help for sure so that it is set just right. And remember to buy from quality makers and retailers who offer top-notch pool tables and choice like the folk at Liberty Games. Remember that where you buy one determines also the service you get.

Overhead lighting – modern lamps

Suspended luminaires are not only very practical lighting source, is also a very important decorative element in the overall appearance of the interior design. I chose this topic because we use these lamps suspended in a Silver Project Design – Furnishings Cafe.

Hanging lamps that we present below are part of the collection Le Soleil and were designed by designer Vincent Garcia. Material of the lamp is made ​​polycabronat, it is environmentally friendly. As colors are available 3: red, white and blue.