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Modest 3 in 1 Stools by Paul Menand


The designer, Paul Menand, had already presented his lovely project last year with Triplette. The Triplettes is made of 3 chairs, nested in one. He has since then continued his research on this topic and came up with “Modest”, unveiling an Ottoman 3 in 1 concept.

The three parts that make up the whole stack is easily slid along the legs. It has a significant feature that saves space without compromising aesthetics. The pieces has a slight Scandinavian accent.

Golconda Lamp Design by Luca Nichetto for Established & Sons


After the lamps and Lady Pipe, Golconda presents a brand new collaboration between Luca Nichetto and the English publisher, Established & Sons.

Inspired by the eponymous painting by Magritte, the Italian designer draws from the clean lines of his play, as well as the rounded shape of the lampshade, a nod to the famous bowler hat that marks the works of the artist.

Golconda also plays on the contrast between the fine and slender conical base, and an upper rotating and more massive, thus decentering light.

This is a new creation of unique Venetian designer, especially after the unusual Stewie lamp (Foscarini).



Alessio Bassan Designs for Capo D’Opera



One of favorites during the last Milan Design Week was the creation by designer, Alessio Bassan, for Capo D’Opera. Renowned for its valuable work and refined material, the Italian publisher offers this creation of structure made of 798 lines of Corian, the famous solid surface created by DuPont.

At the border of art and design, the “A beautiful day” graphic work reveals a neat, organized creation around 8 chromatic scales. The parts are available except in limited and numbered edition.

Also discovered from the same designer, is the new Scacco 3D texture, which offers a  striking 3D look when applied to the Quadro collection.



The Ziggurat Module by Stéphanie Marin


This is a term that refers to the architectural forms and pyramidal constructions existing in ancient Ziggurat, which is now a contemporary echo with the module developed by Stéphanie Marin, which was already presented inside the JP54 boat.

The concept, explains the designer, is organized around a “unit starting with simple lines, from which we can develop vertically or horizontally different constructions of very variable dimensions.”

Bench, wall, shelf, and stool, it is a true micro-scalable architecture for indoor published by the Smarin publishing house of the designer.



Disfatto Sofa: A Design by Denis Guidone for D3CO


Presented in Milan this year is the Disfatto sofa buxom signed by Italian designer, Denis Guidone.

Modular desire, Disfatto offers multiple combinations with natural and fits our requirements.

Also, it has a design accomplished in eco-design. The structure of the sofa is made of bamboo, complemented by a foundation which dominate natural materials: natural latex and goose feather for stuffing, felt and linen liner side.

It is available in gray felt, mixed linen fuchsia, and green meadow. Disfatto is published by D3CO.





Exhibition Design A Cappella


If you’re in the Agen area this summer, a visit to the exhibition Design A Cappella promises to be a must.

Presented by the Museum of Fine Arts in Agen, double police Roseline Giusti, design historian and Marie-Dominique Nivière, Curator of Fine Arts Agen Design A Cappella invests exceptional setting of the Jacobins church – Gothic architecture of the thirteenth century. It is a unique event that is heavily loaded with furniture, tableware, lighting dating back from 1955 to today.

The 40 designers put forward designs, which have in common the fact of living in Aquitaine or soliciting area businesses. They have a wide selection of nearly 260 objects ranging from industrial design to unique pieces. In addition, these creations of historical museum of decorative arts and Frac Aquitaine Bordeaux, designed by renowned designers such as George Nelson, Martine Bedin, Michele De Lucchi or Jasper Morrison.

This is the opportunity to (re) discover among others, several talented designers.

The Exhibition Design A Cappella will be held on December 17, 2012.

Church of the Jacobins
Rue Richard the Lion Heart
Agen 47000
05 53 87 88 40



Of Sound and Style


New 2012 B & O Play brand, Bang & Olufsen dedicated to mobile devices, should satisfy BeoPlay3 iPad users wanting to benefit from its quality.

Beyond functional support and minimalist design conceived by the Danish designer, Steffen Schmelling, hide all the elements you do not want to worry about. It is behind aluminum frame and final offers incredible sound definition has no time restricted mobility.

Most, the feature called Adaptive Orientation chooses Stereo speakers mobilized depending on the orientation of the screen.

With a battery life of 5 hours, BeoPlay3 recharges automatically when you plug the iPad into the mains.

Its indicative price is 549 euros.


House Tour: Apartment in Copenhagen


This is one of the apartments of artists that I find particularly exciting. Especially if it has art has found in a setting. The artist, Pia Møller, of Copenhagen loves black, gray and white. She matches the pieces of furniture, as well as the art on the wall. Note that there are also may shoes lined in the stairs. Chic and amazing.


St. Hubert Residence in Montreal


Once again on the lookout for interesting interior design ideas on the web, we found this nice property in Montreal designed by naturehumaine. Actually, wanted by the inhabitants of the plain, old buildings make a big, multi-storey property. They made it a special type of soil a (static) thwarted. Arose instead a considerable extension to the rear, a plane offset downwards. The course gives interesting possibilities for the new interiors. Lots of wood in this case.

Gloss by David Fox


The Gloss chair by David Fox for Connection ( ) is one of 2009’s most-sought furniture. This color combination fits beautifully in white.