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Bokja: Tradition, Identity, Modernity, Design


Between traditional craftsmanship of their homes and modern contemporary design moves the Lebanese label, “Bokja”. Behind Bokja is the designer, Hoda and Maria Hibri Barouri, that can revive the traditions of their home designs.

Bokja, which means in the Turkish language, the velvet cloth, has valuable treasures that are hidden until its unveiling moment. They have set itself the task of connecting a piece of their identity of origin with a modern design. Each piece is handmade and tells its own story.


NEO by Marco Goffi


Atypical part to organic and fluid lines, as NEO (Natural Evolving Object), is the work of Italian designer, Marco Goffi.

Various layers are connected together and define a space that is capable of supporting intimate social relationships, according to the wishes of its author. Edited by Alpas, NEO is designed from a lightweight material and ecologically developed by the designer (a mixture of natural resins to 50%).

Suitable for exterior and interior, NEO is available in 10 colors.

Facility Inspirations: Living in an Old School



This house in Bald Råman in Sweden is an old school, and the residents like it minimalistic. It has large rooms and red chairs that match the entire place. But the thing to love most is the bedroom that is directly below the roof.



Setting Inspirations: Vitt Hus of Studio Octopi



Areas in white can be very soothing to the eye. However, they sometimes may also be boring. But, if you put in the right materials, as well as having a successful interior architecture, lighting and accents of color with artwork or ceramics, it will surely create a dream house just like this one.

The paintings of Brazilian artist, Helios Oiticicia, is simply amazing. Implemented, this “Vitt hus” (which in Swedish, means “White House”) was designed by the the architects of the Octopi Studios in London.

The Charm of Marble



The architects, Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen has been fascinated by the street lamps of any European capital to create this lamp that combines the monumentality of marble and the lightness of glass.

Natural stone has been chosen as the protagonist for its warm tones and its unique stripes. The unusual use of a solid piece of marble for a lamp provides a unique sense of quality and durability. The light form of Mass is bold, strong and masculine in the use of natural material, while flanked by soft feminine curves, which finds expression in the glass.

The form in its extreme simplicity lets you focus on the beauty of marble and its nuances. This lamp creates light with a great personality and allure.



Timber Design: Used Table Piles


Today, we will feature a table of timber design. This table, called the O0803, is a conference table or desk.

The O0803 table is made from discarded planks from the scaffolding. But actually, it would be a matching table for a dining room. This table can also be ordered in different dimensions.

This charming table was nominated at the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2011. This idea comes from the Munich-based designer, Regine Remy.

The Avalon Chair


The Avalon chair of Swedish origin, was presented at the Stockholm Design Week. This sexy, red chair was designed and created by Michael Young.

Flower Charm: Morning Dew by Bruehl & Sippold



German designers, Bruehl & Sippold, fall again into neo-romanticism in their designs. For this year, the artists presented a new draft of Morning Dew. The individual parts of the seat back cushion are arranged like a calyx.

The pieces come in colors of white, pink, olive green, pastel green, gray and powder blue.

House Tour: A Villa in Santorini


Because of its new beauty, you will never realize the white villa in Santorini is a former factory. Yannis, the owner as well as the architect of the place, has adopted the traditional building. Yannis envisioned a place for the perfect dream vacation.

The villa is divided into four living areas, which can be rented for a great vacation by the sea.

Penthouse Set: Candy Factory Loft in Toronto


This penthouse is owned by someone of an urban character that has a desire for clear lines design.

Interior designer, Johnson Chou, is happy to accept the request. The total area of 250 square meters were available for this purpose.

The color in the penthouse kitchens and stair area was kept dark, and shiny materials emphasize the urban character of mood. The living area is rather bright, despite the dark furniture. The highlight is the unusual staircase design.