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Interior Design Inspiration: Italian Style


For those who are not fans of wallpapers and posters on the wall, you might just change your mind.

This apartment has a fine blend of old and new, and a romantic and clean design. This beautiful apartment is located in Milan, with a view from a room at the Basilica of San Lorenzo.


Keiji Ashizawa: Asian Minimalism


The multi-talented architect from Japan, Keiji Ashizawa, tried to gain great international success as a designer. His design style is typical of Japanese design of simplicity.

This apartment in Tokyo seems almost improvised. Interestingly, the bathroom is integrated into an open cube. Check out the pictures below:

Holiday in the City: Casa di Sabbatini on Lake Geneva


For the holiday, take the family on vacation in Sabbatini on Lake Geneva. The house from the 50s of last century, was set up in style with classic designs.

The house is extremely beautiful with open kitchen and beautiful bathroom. And of course, there is a pool where you and your family can relax and have fun.

Setting Inspirations: Vitt Hus of Studio Octopi


Areas in white can be very soothing to the eye. This white house has a beautiful interior and architecture, lighting, and accents of color with artwork or ceramics, which creates a dream of living like this.

The paintings of Brazilian artist, Helios Oiticicia, are amazing. This “Vitt hus”, which means “White House” in Swedish, are by the architects of the Octopi Studios in London.

A Dream House in Sydney


On a 70 meter high cliff, Durbach Block Architects built the Holman House in Dover Heights in Sydney. The house has a curved front of the sea. Such a breathtaking view.

A House on the San Juan Islands


Unbelievable, but true. This house called, “The Pierre”, was designed by Olson Kundig architects, built on the island of San Juan Islands, in the middle of two huge boulders.

The house fits with its unique architecture, a moss-covered roof and lots of stone and wood in the interior to perfect its rocky surroundings. The view is great and the outdoor fireplace on the patio will almost make you green with envy.

House in Mallorca: A Country House with a New Look


The Dutch architect and design company, Uxus has their own original style. This country house dating from the 13th Century should be transformed into a modern property, but that should still exude the charm of its ancient past. This one is probably rightly considered a great success.



Midcentury Style: House Tour with Andy Cruz


Andy Cruz is the founder of House Industries, a pioneering company in the typography. And, he is obviously a very big fan of the classics of design history. In an interview with “The Scout” magazine, he proudly presented his home, on where you can find all styles from the middle of the 20th Century, from Miller Eames.

Mirror on the Wall: Penthouse in Berlin


Entirely on the effect of mirrors in light reflexes and spatial effects, the architects of Oskar Fabian Studio designs this penthouse in  Berlin. Even with the furniture, the architects have concentrated on their own creations, which can be purchased at Rakso Naibaf. Very chic, classy and trendy.

A Beautiful and Modern House in Croatia


The house, designed by the architect DAR612 is called, “Our House”. “Our House” is a family house with 3 residential units with a total area of ​​400m ², and located in Croatia.

In the apartments, the transitions of the individual residential areas were designed as flowing, and there are doors only when absolutely necessary.

The decor is minimalist, but very homely. The color combinations with lots of white and gray tones with a warm wood tone to contrast with the concrete, gives the home a timeless character. Indeed, well done beautifully.