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Fabienne Michaud and Bertrand Calis Redesigns Old Factory

Fabienne Michaud and Bertrand Calis used to follow various projects in interior architecture in Morocco. The duo of dumdum was entrusted with the redesigning of a former factory in turning it into a loft in Thyez, in Haute-Savoie. Often abandoned after the many closures, these workshops are a stain in the mountain landscape.

The spacious interiors have been reworked. The existing openings have been retained to avoid distorting the building and preserve the traces of the past. The duo used suitable local materials like Larch, slate, and black granite that are used in ultra-contemporary clichés of a traditional chalet.

In total, almost 340 m2 was designed as an architectural promenade, where the space is put in scene by the light: airy atmosphere, high-tech lighting, and games graphics library.




The Hotel 111 in Carcassonne

With the opening of the  Hotel 111 in the city of Carcassonne of June last year, was made a major tourist attraction in the south of France. Tourists and spectators enjoyed a very upscale establishment that is resolutely designed.

Corinne and Jean-Charles Azibert, venue owners, intend to offer services like no other. The Hotel 111 has 10 exclusive rooms with Scandinavian and fifties accents. It also has a semi-gastronomic restaurant headed by Mohamed El Yousefy, as well as a fitness center, spa and an iconic aquarium pool terrace.

The architectural building mixes both old and modern construction.

The Bay by Marie Dessuant

Newcomer to the long list of new and beautiful French publishers, Singularity, founded by Eric Perez, will unveil their first collection during the 2012 edition of the Clerkenwell Design Week (22 – May 24).

The show will be a good opportunity to discover The Bay by Marie Dessuant, a collection of furniture and objects that interprets any collective memory of a personal resort where nature, shaped by man, reveals a landscape largely controlled but imbued with a sense of freedom.




Philippe Lucazeau Redesigns the Hotel La Monnaie in La Rochelle

There is a successful marriage between the old spirit of a seventeenth century mansion and a contemporary design. The Hotel La Monnaie reopens in the heart of historic La Rochelle, after having been completely redesigned by Philippe Lucazeau.

The Hotel La Monnaie has 36 rooms, a private spa, meeting room and a bar where stone and designer furniture  meet in a careful management to innovative aesthetics.

The big plus is that it has a dominant role given to contemporary art that invests every corner of the institution in a carefully balanced mix of styles from bold, to poetry and fantasy.

An address that aims to combine luxury services while remaining intimate and confidential.

The Firma Casa

Reopened in late 2011 in Sao Paulo, the Firma Casa is one of the most sophisticated designs dedicated to Brazil.

This new setting, and signed by Superlimao Studio Fernando & Humberto Campana, is distinguished by vegetation that almost covers the entire house.



Out of nearly 750 m2, still under the aegis of Sonia Diniz, there is a gallery named the “Design Art”, that is dedicated to unique pieces or limited editions. It is a showroom with a selection of handpicked arts, where we find the cream of Italian publishers such as Zanotta, Edra or Cerruti Baleri.

Firma Casa
Al Gabriel Monteiro da Silva
487, Jardim Paulistano
01441-001 Sao Paulo | Brazil

The Mima Project

Do you dream of a fancy house that is almost completely flexible, that you can arrange, divide and evolve to suit your family’s needs?

Engineers and architects of Mima Portuguese have thought of you with this concept of interior design inspired by traditional homes.

The square base of the structure, glazed on all sides, is crisscrossed by several compartments. Armed with prefabricated panels in the material and color desired, it then for you to arrange the space easily as you see fit.

To help you in the project, the team has developed a Mima 3D software available on their website that allows you to use Google Earth, positioning Mima on the desired location, and wander through the house by choosing all the finishes you want for a more realistic perception.



The “Buff” and “Cerco” by Karlsson and Churba

Like every year, the Milan Design Week is an opportunity for Hi-Macs to unveil new creations. Prominent at the show this year, are two collections by Karl Andersson & Swedish Söner.

The first collection is the “Buff”, a series of tables inspired of vintage design by Joel Karlsson. A refined design, with a careful combining of noble species like ash, oak, birch, and walnut.

The second collection is the “Cerco”, a shelf designed by Argentinian, Federico Churba. The Cerco offers a graphic game that is ambivalent and positioned in the same direction. The elements provide a linearity to the room for more serenity. In the opposite way, they reveal a more chaotic atmosphere.


Tic Tac by Sakura Adachi

The Japanese designer, Sakura Adachi, who now based in Milan, seems to have found joy in her new creations.

After her module, “Trick”, a furniture that turns into a table and 2 chairs and the famous Cave model, the designer now offers Tic Tac, a shelf-library that is easily transformed into a chaise longue.

A clever modularity which frees up space and has a relaxing alternative space to delve into your books favorites. Tic Tac is published by the Italian Campeggio, to whom we owe the sofa Stad of Matali, and the unclassifiable Sosia Emanuele Magini.


Yaroslav Galant’s Embroidered Furniture

DuPont Corian collaborated with Russian company, Artishock, in the Milan Design Week 2012. The designers presented the “Corian Springs Russian Design”, which celebrates the Russian’s creativity in design and architecture.

The exhibition featured the work of five teams of emerging designers and architects  from Russia, who had been requested to come up with ideas of creative interpretation of furnishings.

Among the presenters was Ukrainian designer, Yaroslav Galant. Galant’s embroidered furniture, which included a table and bench is inspired between modern technologies and ancient tradition. The result is truly breath taking. While traveling in Ukraine to search for an inspiration, Yaroslav Galant realized how beautiful and rich the Ukrainian culture was. He then wanted to convey a message on how important it is to preserve their heritage until the present.

Guerra de la Paz’s Creations

Guerra de la Paz is the combined name that represents the creative tandem of Cuban artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Guerra and de la Paz have been exerting efforts with their collaboration since the year 1996.

Gaining access to an overabundance of discarded clothing, these designers use clothes as their main materials to produce a series of inspiring and beautiful recycled art.

Here are some of their creations: