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Hush! Collections by Beatrix Li-Chin Loos


Boasting a design and craftsmanship, Beatrix Li-Chin Loos created Hush! Collections, a concept of decorative objects and pieces of furniture that originated from scrap wood and cardboard.

Beatrix Li-Chin Loos reworked and even mixed the paint, making each creation a unique piece and elegant aesthetics.


The Klay by Cyril Durand-Behar Architects

After the very private Ken Club, Cyril Durand-Behar and his team have given the representation of the Klay sports club in the heart of Montorgueil in Paris.

With this project, the French architect breaks the rules of traditional club by distributing the various spaces on five levels in the industrial type building, with large volumes that lead to a huge glass overlooking the contemporary steel structure of the Eiffel Tower.

The use of raw materials like wood and metal was preferred and complemented with contemporary touches, as well as the walls that have an orange backlight.

A warm and vintage atmosphere that reminds the world of American boxing halls or the atmosphere of legendary films like “Fame” and “Flashdance”. In the same spirit on the ground floor, the bar and restaurant on its terrace welcome visitors in a setting with a fifties hint.

Falls Lamps by Daedalus Workshop

So far with specialized talent and originality in the revisited antiques, Daedalus Workshop is diversifying its business with Daedalus Suite, which aims to provide decorative items made from recycled old materials or waste industrial production.

First collection of Daedalus Suite to emerge, is the Falls lighting. It is enthralled by their ambitious and eco-friendly approach, that is accomplished by their workmanship.

An original idea that is nicely implemented locally to limit the impact of craft production on natural resources.



The Craft is a masterpiece that resulted from collaboration between the design duo of Pupsam, David Thomas & Libe Puel, and the best worker and cabinetmaker of France, Yves Brand’honneur.

Brilliant techniques of joinery and carpentry, this structure reveals overhead lines that were constructed beautifully. Its beauty was also enhanced by the combination of two noble species, the sycamore and oak. Truly another brilliant and ambitious synthesis of contemporary design and craftsmanship of excellence.


Osso Chair by Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec

Attracted to the craftsmanship of Mattiazzi, they are also committed in producing more green like timber from surrounding forests. The Bouroullec brothers came up with an attractive furniture.

The Osso chair is a playful construction, that reveals the whole creative sensibility of the duo. The Osso chair is delicately worked, carved, and polished.

Hemp chair by Werner Aisslinger

Brilliant German designer, Werner Aisslinger, is recognized worldwide for the selection of one of his creations for the permanent exhibition at the MoMA in New York—chair from Cappellini Juli. Werner Aisslinger likes to manipulate, experiment and take ownership of new materials.

Last year, Werner Aisslinger came up with Hemp—a project of sustainable monoblock chair, made ​​from 70% hemp.

Beyond this natural fiber, the peculiarity of the process lies in the use of Acrodur, an acrylic water-based solution, developed by BASF, who is the industrial partner for the project.

Werner Aisslinger has always seen the arrival of new materials as an exciting way to create new objects.

Children Caravan Collection by Kalon Studio

The Kalon Studio, that is based both in Los Angeles and Berlin, has positioned itself as the image of a stylish and durable furniture.

Like the French designer, Nonah, has presented, they conveyed that it is imperative to take care of the environmental resources. The Children Caravan Collection by the Kalon Studio is locally made ​​by hand in the United States, with use of noble species from managed forests (by maple and birch), and not from toxic paint.

The duo raw wood and colored buttons on the bars work great, and are very impressive.


Buff & Cerco table shelf

Like every year, the Milan show is an opportunity for designers to unveil new creations. Prominent at the show this year, are two collections by the Swedish firm, Karl Andersson & Söner.

First, there is the Buff. It is a series of tables inspired by vintage design by Joel Karlsson. A refined design and a wise and careful combining of ash, oak, birch, and walnut. The trays are of different shapes and colors (beige, pink, blue and white).

Second, we have the Cerco. This is a shelf designed by Federico Churba. It offers a elements that provide a linearity to the room for a more serene ambiance.


Cyril Candas in Partnership with Emmaus

How do you make attractive and outdated objects while promoting recycling?

Cyril Candas responded brilliantly to this very current problems by proposing a dual recycling technique that uses flocking: rejected textiles (10 to 15%) are recycled to obtain a fiber flock which is then applied on the objects to transform them.

Obsolete suspensions, old school furniture or yellowed garden chairs have all been transformed to create a contemporary and sexy design.

The VIA project is developed in partnership with Emmaus.

The Case by Antoine Phelouzat

Playful and colorful, this is the storage module of French designer, Antoine Phelouzat. The Case was designed to allow easy fitting with different types of configurations. These collars each has a 45° measurement on each side.

Beyond its interesting feature, the Case is distinguished also by the material used. It is made of PLA resin, and a compostable bioplastic made from corn or algae.

This is a fine example of eco-design.