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Redo-me by ParedesPino Arquitectos

Redo-me is a line of modular and convertible furniture designed by the ParedesPino Arquitectos. In reality, the nature of this collection is something definitive.

The versatility and the endless combinations make this furniture “open” to new solutions. It is reconfigurable by the user.

The finishing materials, plexiglass or laminate, lend themselves easily to be handled and replaced, without the risk of breakage. That way, you can create seating, benches, containers, magazine rack, and rocking chairs. Make no limit to your imagination. It is just like playing with Legos and Ikea. This will also be a fun way to “build” some scratch to household furniture.

Silly chair by Antonio Arico

The new chair designed by Antonio Aricò will be on display at the upcoming Salone del Mobile in Milan in Ventura Lambrate and is part of a series of ornaments called – not surprisingly – “Back home”. This “Silly” in fact, was’ to bring us back to our childhood memories. The shapes and volumes of the collection figures conceal hot and fun, surrounded by his family and a cozy feel.”

“Silly” Aricò was designed by and built with the help of his grandfather Saverio Zaminga, a carpenter. The result is a robust, light-looking, with rounded corners and reassuring, and the two parties making up the seat that fit favoring the general lines.

Maestro: The modular workbench

As the name suggests, the structure of this “Master” is derived from that of the old work tables present in the workshops. Made by the staff of Gum Design for the Italian company De Castelli, it is composed of a sheet of metal decorated with the use of acid and folded at the ends and two trestles fir that use the internal edges as sled to be housed.

The same thickness can then place the pieces of wood vertically, revealing the function of use. Limited space, excellent aesthetic, and practicality. The idea perhaps is not the most original , but the variation of the material acquires its own independent value.

The cut-out posters of the study roots recalling the fruits of Malaysia

A series of posters designed for “Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan”: an exhibition held in conjunction with KL Design Week to celebrate the local fruits of Malaysia, through art and design. The posters are trying to symbolize durione, coconut, and pineapple, through the use of simple geometric shapes typical of the distinctive appearance of each fruit.

Everything appears in physical form with the simple touch of the technical craft cut-outs in this case combining typographic elements (the character’s name) created by Jonathan Yuen of the study Roots and visual. Each poster measures 500 mm x 700 mm and was made ​​by hand on Malmero paper .

Winter Decor

Decorate our house in keeping with the winter we will be more warm and inviting. Appropriate use of color can improve our mood in the dark days or the winter blues away. Decorate the house with the seasons is also a way to avoid the appearance date. Here are some ideas to change a few things in our room during the winter and transform, so the appearance of our house.

Colors of winter: Probably not practical to paint the room each season. But we can use accessories such as cushions, candles, plants etc.. to highlight the room with bright colors such as aubergine, chocolate brown or burgundy. Changing accessories allows us to transform our home for different seasons easily and without spending much money. For a modern design, choose the colors of the snow and ice – white, silver and turquoise design result in a stylish winter. Highlight the room with mirrors, branches of trees and crystals to give an air of enchanted forest.

Winter fabrics: Fabrics make a room seem warm and sumptuous. Hang thick curtains of purple or other colors and put a blanket on the sofa faux leather or patchwork. Resorting to velvet to create a luxurious winter or Scottish prints to give warmth to the room. Buy the tissues of winter in spring, when they are on sale to save money.

Art Winter: Change the artwork according to the seasons. The bright floral paintings and engravings can make the room feel more light in winter. Use black and white photographs of natural landscapes to the room.

Decorations and ornaments: Christmas decorations used to highlight the room in winter. You can remove the item you are too Christmas like ribbons and bright decorations or lights, and keep other neutral elements such as silver candlesticks, pineapple or a crown of berries. Fill glasses of sparkling bulbs. Use glitter garlands to decorate the mantel. Buy glasses with glitter and twigs to make fake Christmas flower arrangements.

Winter Furniture: Solid wood furniture will make the room look like a mountain hut and give some heat. Leather upholstered furniture can add a touch of luxury to the room in winter. The large rugs can serve as covers for furniture and give it a more welcoming to the room. Putting many patchwork fabric cushions. Rearrange the furniture, possibly centering around a fireplace or other source of heat for the winter.


Lievore Altherr Molina’s Saya

After the great success of Leaf, which was a commercially and critically acclaimed outdoor chair, the Spanish designer Lievore Altherr Molina returned with the a new project in collaboration with Italian brand, Arper.

The new seat, or Saya will not betray the taste for sinuous and elegant presence. This is available in multiple colors and in a stackable version with chrome legs, X²’s very own Saya seems to still give the maximum finish in natural wood (oak) that enhances the quality of the material and its call for organic language.

Lolilla Chair by Ahsayane Design Studio

It is not certainly the first example of “floral design”, but probably is spring coming to inspire a certain return to the flowers and nature.

The show complements Lolilla as Chair, designed by Ahsayane Design Studio, a chair, however, declaring an inspiration very different: that the brave old clothes to dance the flamenco in southern Spain.

Rustic atmosphere in a stone house

In this house the French alternate two distinct characters: on one hand, the linearity of regular and plastered walls, made from a special and intimate wood floors and rustic furniture, and living room are gathered around a beautiful fireplace.